How do I Whitelist LinkWorth emails?
Posted by Ron Wicker (Import) on 08 October 2006 09:07 AM

How to White List LINKWORTH.COM

Communication with the LinkWorth system is critical to your success.  This makes it vital to ensure all emails sent by LinkWorth will arrive in your mailbox.  Missing our system emails could result in lost money, delayed payment or other important factors.

We have provided a few steps to follow for certain well known email providers. 

Please read the following important message...

You may not receive "LINKWORTH.COM" replies unless your mail filter has our email address in it. Please follow the steps below to make sure you receive our valuable information that can help you successfully market online.

If you use AOL Mail:

Access your AOL Email account and do the following

  1. Click "Address Book"

  2. Click "Add Contact"

  3. Then create a contact for LinkWorth with the primary email address of

If you use MSN Hotmail:

Access your Hotmail Email account and do the following

  1. Click "Contacts"

  2. Then in the left-hand menu, click "Safe List"

  3. Then enter

  4. Click "Add" 

If you use Yahoo Mail:

Access your Yahoo Email account and do the following

  1. Click "Mail," and then select "Options",

  2. Click "Filters"

  3. Click "Add"

  4. Click in the text box in the top row ("From header") and then enter

  5. In the pull down menu for "Move the message to," choose "Inbox"

  6. Then Click "Add Filter"

  7. Then Add the address to your address book

For all other EMail programs:

Add to your address book or list of contacts.

* Repeat the above procedure with the email address

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