LinkWord Ads Are Not Showing Up on My Site
Posted by Ron Wicker (Import) on 14 October 2006 01:39 AM
If LinkWords are not appearing, you must be sure the < DIV > tags are being placed properly.  This is the process in which LinkWords follows:

  1. First, all of the content on your site must be loaded.
  2. Second, our javascript should be called to come read your content.
  3. Third, our javascript looks for our DIV tags to determine what content you allow us to read.
  4. Fourth, we match keywords to keywords in between the DIV tags and display any matching ads.

If the DIV tags are opened and immediately closed, then our system has no info to read, for example:

< DIV id=lw_context_ads >

< /DIV >

The problem here is, there is absolutely zero content for us to read. The proper way would be to start the first < DIV id=lw_context_ads > before the start of text information on your page, then once all of the text information has ended on your page, then put the closing < /DIV > tag. This will make it look something like this:

< DIV id=lw_context_ads >
This would be information shown on your site that your visitors would be reading. Obviously the more information you have on your page, the better change ads will appear. You also probably do not want to include sidebars where menu's exist or top or bottom sections. Typically you surround the body of information found on a page like this.
< /DIV >

In this example you can see information is available inside the DIV tags allowing our system to read this information and see if there are any matching keywords to advertiser ads.

The placement of the javascript code and style code should be right before the closing < /BODY > tag.

Also make sure you place the correct code for the specific site or it will not show ads. The site id must match the correct url or our system will not show ads.  To ensure the correct site id is being used, login to your LinkWorth Control Center and go to


Select the website from the drop down menu and it will provide the correct code for that site.

There is also an illustration available here:

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or suggestions.

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