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This falls into our payout details,

All of the details, which we know are important to you, should be read here:


One of the most important questions that any partner will have when working with LinkWorth is,

"When do I get paid?"

Since this question is our number one most asked question, we felt the need to create an entire page solely for the answer. Although we have main topics in our knowledgebase, it's stated in our partner guidelines, our usage terms and briefly on our partner information page, the answer seems to miss many and each location doesn't go deep into depth about the payout process involved with LinkWorth partners. This topic is broken down into these sections:


Terms of all deals are set as month to month commencing on the 1st day of each month. The initial creation of any deal will be for the remainder of the current month created, then the deal will renew automatically on the 1st of the next calendar month. Terms can never be changed or altered.

Payments are made on the 10th day of each month, or the first business day thereafter if the 10th falls on a holiday or weekend. Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the funds to arrive before requesting tracking information on wire transfers, direct deposits or check payments. All money paid is for transactions that occurred prior to the current month you are being paid on. So if the payment is made on January 10th, it will be for all money earned before January 1. Payments are made how you request them to be paid. To find optional methods of being paid, login to your account and visit the MY ACCOUNT >> PAYMENT SETTINGS section for more information.

Renewals happen on the 1st of each month. All deals automatically renew each and every month unless the advertiser or partner cancels. Renewals that happen on the 1st of January will not be paid to the partner until the 1st of February. All payments are held until the term being paid is over. This gives advertisers the insurance their link remains for the time paid. Renewals are always for your full price agreed to upon the deal creation. Renewals can never be changed in price.

Amounts can always vary when a deal is initially created. As stated in the terms section, when a deal is first created, it is for the remainder of the current month, which will provide a prorated dollar amount for the first month. If a price is set for $100 per month, an advertiser buys a link from your site on the 15th of the month, the deal is for the remaining 15 days of the current month and the total amount paid initially would be $50.00. This will cover the remaining 15 days of the month and the deal will auto-renew for the full $100 on the 1st of the next month. In this situation, partners will be paid the prorated amount on the next month's payout, as long as the minimum payout has been met.

Once a partner approves and publishes a link, there could be up to a 24 hour delay of the actual transaction. Our system processes transactions the first of each day Eastern Standard Time, so a link approved and published midday on a Monday will actually be billed for on Tuesday if found, for example. The partner will not receive credit until our system locates the link published correctly.

Amounts of payouts will consist of all transactions accumulated prior to the current month being paid, less 30% (50% if Preferred Partner Account) retained by LinkWorth for use of our system. It will also consist of any affiliate referral payments and affiliate recurring commissions from referrals. If you have used any of your unpaid money to become a featured partner listing, this will be deducted from your payout and noted on your invoice. If you have a combo account and converted any of your unpaid money into advertising dollars, this will also be deducted from your payout amount. So the shortened equation of your payout amount is:

Ads Sold (-) 30%/50% (+) Affiliates (+) Affiliate Recurring
(-) Featured Listing (-) Converted Ad Dollars


Minimum payout refers to the dollar amount a partner must meet before payment is made. The default, and lowest possible minimum payout is $25.00 USD. When invoices are created, if the amount owed has not met the minimum payout, it will remain unpaid money in that partner's account until the next payout of the following month. Minimum payouts can be set up to $250 if desired.

Invoices will be created if payment is made each month. The invoices are available in your account by browsing to MY REPORTS >> PAYOUT REPORTS. These invoices and payout listings will detail what each refers to. Each invoice with a link to view can be easily printed for your records if needed. No paper invoices will be sent with payments any longer since this information can be attained easily from within your account.

Methods of payment are currently checks, direct deposit (US Only), bank wires (non-US) or Paypal.

  • Checks are mailed on the payout date and depending on your geographic location, expect anywhere from 2-14 days of delivery. Checks that do not reach their destination or lost, and require a reprint or repayment are subject to a stop payment fee of $30 to cover the fee charged by our bank. This is not a negotiable charge.
  • Direct deposits cost nothing to the partner and are only available for bank accounts located within the United States.
  • Bank to bank wires are available for any banks located outside of the United States. The fee for a bank wire is $20.
  • Paypal payments are available to any and all partners with no fee required from LinkWorth, however, Paypal will more than likely charge a fee on their end.
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